Joel Lyssarides is an outstanding piano lyricist and has something very special to contribute to the classic trio format. And he makes clear: The legacy of Lars Jansson and Bobo Stenson is in the very best hands.

Nettavisen NO

Weightless, quiet melodies and magical melancholy.


Heartfelt, focused, flowing songs.

Chrismon (DE)

A work of intimate, introspective quality.

Jazzwise (GB)

Music as a diary.

Piano News (DE)

Eine Verneigung vor den leisen, innigen Momenten.

3sat Kulturzeit

A vibrant musical journey with remarkable complexity and Joel Lyssaride‘s innate sense of melody.

Fip (FR)

Sweden‘s leading pianist.

Dagens Industri (SE)

Pianist Joel Lyssarides has quickly become an integral part of the contemporary Swedish jazz scene. The virtuoso pianist has a romantic touch and the unpredictable modulations are appealing.The dense soundscape that is the basis of their sound world leans towards the dreamy, the sweeping chords are embedded in a tasteful melody with great finesse. The many tempo shifts are well balanced by the sheer silence.

Europe Jazz Media Chart, Patrik Sandberg

If you are looking for quiet sophistication in a jazz album at the moment then Stay Now is state of the art. Full of lush melody, a palpable quietness at times, but when push comes to show the engine changes gear and pianist Joel Lyssarides shows his considerable technique. ****

Marlbank (GB)

A closely intertwined trio that manages to tell stories through melodic songs.

Jazz thing (DE)

Die Wucht der Stille.

Kulturnews (DE)

Das Aufsehenerregende auf diesem Album sind oft die leisen Passagen, die Momente des fokussierten Innehaltens. Hier fließt alles und schwingt, nichts wirkt konstruiert.

Musikwoche (DE)

Subtilität und Zugänglichkeit vermählen sich nahe der Stille.

Der Standard (AT)

Momentaufnahmen, die sich meditativ versunken vor der Gegenwart verneigen und bei denen das Spektakuläre gerade ihre völlig unspektakuläre Präsenz ist. Jazzalbum der Woche.

NDR Kultur (DE)