An album with the metamophoric diversity of a year’s seasons and a voice like the ever-changing colours of the Northern lights.

Downbeat (US)

There is much to admire in this collection of 12 originals. […] Starkly beautiful, senducing the senses by singularly hymnic simplicity.

Jazzwise (GB)

A deep and warm voice, round and soft piano playing and lyrics that touch your heart.

Jazz Life JP

With a multi-facetted album full of charming references to classical and folk, musical observations of nature and life studies, Anna Gréta uniquely pays tribute to her icelandic roots.


Quiet chamber music with a unique flavour, that opens endles spaces.

Concerto (AT)

Anna Gréta gelingt auf ‚Nightjar in the Northern Sky‘ ein Drahtseilakt. Mit kristallklarer Stimme fusioniert sie gekonnt Singer/Songwriter-Klänge und Jazz.


The whole tranquility and beauty of the Nordic landscape seems to lie in this music.

HR2 Kultur (DE)

With ‘Nightjar in the Northern Sky’ Anna Gréta proves that she really is to be reckoned with. With her captivating sound, she lands in laid-back vocal jazz, colored with elements of pop and folk music colors.

Lira (SE)

Anna Gréta is like the bird in the title track – a rare kind, but captivating once you hear her.

Tidningen7 (SE)

An album that is undeniably mournful and contemplative and yet stirs the soul even if the mood is unrelenting.

Marlbank (GB)

A wonderfully intense album with songs between jazz and pop, that carry an endless depth within. / Album of the month.

BR Klassik (DE)

Icelandic pianist Anna Gréta sings for the first time – and this has the potential to make even her most successful colleagues in jazz-pop nervous.

Kulturnews (DE)

Twelve original compositions, shaped by tinges of the familiar sonic Nordic surrealism, nature and Anna Gréta’s own process of self-discovery.


With her debut, Anna Gréta takes off like a nightjar at the nightly northern sky.

Jazzthetik (DE)

Eine eigene, selbstbewusst sanfte Musik, poetisch, mit dem Blick in die Ferne, kompositorisch in Richtung Innenwelt.

Jazz thing (DE)

Anna Gréta shines as a new star on the musical sky.

HR 2 Kultur

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir has right away managed to find her very own niche. It is nightly music, not dark and threatening, but warm and intimate, in which the darkness offers protection and security. [...] The ideal soundtrack to spend cool, gloomy autumn evenings with a good glass of red wine in front of the warming open fire.

Kulturzeitschrift (AT)

An accomplished album. ****

Fono Forum (DE)

Personal, confidently gentle, poetic music, with a clear voice and a sense for concentration.

Jazz thing