Lucia Cadotsch

voice | Switzerland
Management Artist, Live Artist

Swiss singer Lucia Cadotsch is one of the most creative young voices in jazz and is working with several bands of the progressive European music scene. With her trio Speak Low feat. Petter Eldh and Otis Sandsjö she announced her presence on the international scene with one of DownBeat’s Best Albums of 2017 and by winning the Echo Jazz Award for Vocalist of the Year. Together with Wanja Slavin, she runs LIUN + The Science Fiction Band – ‚synthpop for people of the day after tomorrow’. The music is the result of their continued desire to celebrate the confusion of genres and find a contemporary expression that merges the digital and inner analogue worlds. Other collaborations in her name: Lucia Cadotsch + Tricko feat. Kit Downes and Lucy Railton.

"Remember the name Lucia Cadotsch – you’re going to be hearing a lot of it!“, wrote to the British "Guardian" about the Swiss singer. Together with the Berlin based saxophonist and composer Wanja Slavin - according to SZ an artist "between genius and madness“ - she opens up a whole new chapter with LIUN + The Science Fiction Band: Urban music with dark beats, dazzling synths and pulsating hooks. Wanja Slavin's multilayered orchestral arrangements are contrasted with Lucia’s frank and translucent voice that cuts through the clutter. The result is a phantasmagorical world that mirrors our contemporary state as an absurd, but wonderful combination of natural and virtual elements.“

Lucia Cadotsch (voice), Dan Nicholls (keyboards), Wanja Slavin (saxophon, keyboards), Ludwig Wandinger (drums)

It was a different world back then. There was a time before you could amplify sound with electricity, before you could accumulate sound in plastic and bring it from one corner of Tellus to another. This is the remix. Keeping it simple and raw. Three voices stubbornly creating the core of all music; Rhythm! Candles still flicker; the frequencies of yesterday still resonate. This is acoustic retro-futurism.

Lucia Cadotsch (voice), Frans Petter Eldh (double bass), Otis Sandsjö (tenor saxophone)

19.10.2019 AT - Salzburg // Jazz & The City LIUN + The Science Fiction Band
21.10.2019 DE - Heidelberg // Enjoy Festival | Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low" Buy Tickets
25.10.2019 BE - Heusden-Zolder // De Muze Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low"
26.10.2019 SE - Umeå // Umeå Jazz Festival Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low" Buy Tickets
01.11.2019 DE - Dortmund // Domicil LIUN + The Science Fiction Band
02.11.2019 DE - Hamburg // Überjazz LIUN + The Science Fiction Band Buy Tickets
07.11.2019 CH - Zürich // Moods im Schiffbau LIUN + The Science Fiction Band
19.11.2019 GB - London // EFG London Jazz Festival Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low" Buy Tickets
03.12.2019 DE - Hamburg // Jazzlab LIUN + The Science Fiction Band
20.02.2020 DE - Rüsselsheim // Jazz-Fabrik Rüsselsheim Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low"
22.02.2020 DE - Reut // Zoglau 3 Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low"
29.05.2020 CH - Alt St. Johann // Probstei | Klangfestival Toggenburg Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low"
03.06.2020 DE - Essen // Philharmonie Essen Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low"